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Connect for Healthcare means better care for your loved one and peace of mind for your family.

Regular updates and important messages about your loved one from their Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Rehab, Home or Hospice Care provider through the Internet, email and text messaging...

  • On the wellness criteria you choose
  • Delivered to your entire family.
  • Without you having to call
  • Wherever you are
  • To be sure they're getting the best possible care

* By law, your loved one or their duly authorized Power of Attorney (POA) must authorize the release of health information.

"We didn't know" are the three words you never want to hear yourself say

Receiving frequent, documented updates from their care-provider is one of the most important things that your family can do to make sure your loved one is receiving the attention and care they need.

Created for your loved one and your family

Connect for Healthcare™ was created exclusively for those in Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Rehabilitation facilities or receiving Home or Hospice Care and their families.

Connect updates can help your family recognize problems sooner and act more quickly.

Their care-provider can keep you more connected

In just a few minutes a week through Connect for Healthcare™, your loved-one's care provider can update the wellness information you've asked for and include comments about anything else they feel your family should know. Your family can view the updates securely online, and get them by email and sent directly to your cell phones - regularly, without you having to ask, no matter where in the world you live.

Connect can keep your family more connected

If you are your loved-one’s "responsible party/responsible family member" you know how incredibly stressful it is to try and keep everyone else informed. Connect for Healthcare can help. You can have each Connect update sent to as many as 10 additional family members automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any provider use Connect for Healthcare™?
Yes. As a secure web service, Connect can be used by any care provider. All they need is one computer and Internet access.
How do I get our provider to use Connect for Healthcare™ to send us updates?
Contact them today and tell them that your family wants regular documented updates on your loved one through Connect for Healthcare. We can have them ready to begin sending your family updates often in less than a day.
Which web browsers work with Connect for Healthcare?
Any of the following web browsers work with Connect: IE 7 or later (PC), Firefox 2 or later (Mac, PC, or Linux), Safari 3 or later (Mac).
Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel later?
Absolutely. Connect for Healthcare is a month-to-month service so you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

A company with a social conscience

A portion of our profits are donated to geriatric health research because to us, it's about doing the right thing.

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