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The New Standard in Long-term Care Provider-to-Family Communication.

Improving your family communication is the key to delivering better care, minimizing your risk, and maximizing your survey results. In as little as 3 minutes a week through Connect for Healthcare, you can give a family the information they need to know - securely online, via email or sent directly to their cell phone - regularly, without them having to ask, no matter where they might be.

To improve communication with today's families. Connect for Healthcare™ is the clear choice.

How does Connect for Healthcare compare with what you do today?

  Connect for Healthcare Updates Phone Updates Traditional Email Updates
Staff time to update 35 family members a week 2 hours 6-8+ hours 2 hours
Updates the entire family Check2    
Effectively reduces risk Check2    
Improves survey scores Check2    
Completely documented and archived Check2    
Proactive Check2   Check2
Regular Check2    
Organized and scheduled Check2    
Secure and always accessible Check2    
Concurrently uses the Internet, email and text messaging Check2    
Automates PHI release management Check2    
Allows management review of communication Check2    

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any provider use Connect for Healthcare?
Yes, all you need is one computer and an internet connection.
Who usually does the updates?
It depends upon your preferred workflow. All resident/client-specific update sheets can be printed in one click of a mouse and distributed to the staff member(s) of your choice on your Connect update day(s). They can simply be returned to an administrative assistant to be updated on-line.
How does using Connect for Healthcare reduce our risk?
The more you communicate - the better your relationship with the family. The better your relationship with the family (and the better your documentation is) - the lower your risk.
Many of our family members are local and some visit almost every day. What if they don’t need the service?
Often they have brothers or sisters that do. Connect saves the responsible party from having to call everyone and saves you from miscommunication. An attorney would probably tell you that the more family members that you can update through Connect for Healthcare, the lower your risk.
We want to provide the Connect for Healthcare service to our families at no charge can we do that?
Yes, please contact us for further information
Which web browsers work with Connect for Healthcare?
Any of the following web browsers work with Connect: IE 6 or 7 (PC), Firefox 2 or later (Mac, PC, or Linux), Safari 2 or later (Mac).