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Connect for Healthcare for Behavioral Health™

Discharge from your center isn’t the end of their treatment… it’s a new beginning.

A secure*, highly efficient and easy to use solution for communicating with your referral sources and families that is completely customized to your center and your patient...

Behavioral Health Providers

Drive new and repeat referrals, reduce staff time on the phone and improve outcomes through a custom communication solution that allows you to quickly, easily, regularly and securely* keep referring professionals and approved family members engaged and informed.

Referring Professionals

You know from experience that discharge from the treatment center isn't the end of their treatment, it's a new beginning. Getting regular, secure* updates from the center throughout their stay enables you to plan and deliver the most effective follow-on therapy and gives your patient the best opportunity for a positive, long-term outcome.


Through what is one of the the most stressful, frightening experiences in any family's life, receiving regular, secure* updates from their treatment center not only brings comfort, it prepares you to more effectively support their recovery once they come home.

* With our proprietary ConnectPrivacyPlus™ 12-point approach to information security, treatment centers have an unprecedented ability to control access to the information they need to share to ensure the best possible outcomes. Only Connect gives them this kind of control over what, how and with whom sensitive information is shared.

"My biggest problem? I don't hear from the program..." - Mike Ferguson Founder and Executive Director, Ferguson Behavioral Health Consulting

"Speaking as a parent who lost a child to substance abuse, good outcomes require a team approach that includes the referring professional and the family so regular, proactive communication from the center is unbelievably important. It prepares the referring professional for post-treatment management while it comforts, informs and empowers the family." - Craig Gordon, Connect 4 Healthcare, LLC

"The potential for the use of an online tool like Connect for Healthcare for Behavioral Health™ to streamline the administration of a treatment center, add value to services offered, better serve referral sources and cut down on operational costs is significant." - Bernie Grohsman,

Almost 70% of our Behavioral Health survey respondents said they had lost repeat business from referring professionals due to poor communication.