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  • Families

    The Better Informed You Are, the Better Their Care

    Long-term care providers will be the first to tell you that for your loved one to receive the best care, their family has to stay up-to-date with how they are doing. Today, more and more providers are offering Connect for Healthcare because it enables them to quickly and easily give your entire family the information it needs to know - online, via email or sent directly to your cell phones - regularly, no matter where you are, and without you having to ask - to make sure your loved one receives the best care.

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  • Providers

    Improve Communication With Families

    In as little as 2 minutes a week through Connect for Healthcare, you can give families easy access to the information they need to know... regularly, without them having to ask, no matter where they might be.

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  • About Us

    Who We Are

    Placing and keeping a loved one in long-term care is nationally recognized as one of the most difficult circumstances families face because we are giving up the care of someone we love to strangers. The only way we have to stay informed about their well-being is to either call their caregivers or make personal visits. We simply can't do that as often as we'd like - our lives are just too hectic.

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